Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's been a while....

Haven't been here in a while, for one reason or another. Busy holiday time, I was sick, preparing to make an audition cd, started rehearsals for the play I am doing, then off to NYC to audition for management, still doing the play, and on and on....

Had a good time in NYC. Since I was singing, I didn't really do much other than rehearse with my accompanist and hang out quietly with my brother. I arrived on a Monday - it was so cold! I always say I am not going back to NYC in the winter, and it seems that is when I always end up there. Anyway, I rehearsed on Tuesday, and had the audition on Wednesday evening. It went well, I think, especially considering this is the first audition I have really done in over 10 years! I think they could tell I was sick though. It would have been hard to miss, considering my speaking voice sounded like my head was stuffed with cotton. Don't think my singing voice sounded that way, though. Anyway, even if nothing comes of it, at least I have dipped my toe back in the water, so to speak.

After the audition I had dinner with three old friends whom I haven't seen in probably 10 years. One of them I last saw about 5 years ago, but only briefly. It was great to catch up! I stayed up far too late, and had more to drink in that one evening than I have probably had in the last two years. Got back to my brother's apartment at 3 a.m.! It has been years since I was up that late for partying. But it was a great evening with good friends. My head hurt the next day, though!

We were going to see a show that night (Thursday) but everything we wanted to see was $120 a ticket and up! Ummm, no thanks. We just stayed in, ordered Chinese and watched TV. It was a nice quiet time.

I was glad to get home to my boys, all of them! It was nice to be back in my own bed, snuggled up to my sweet husband. The boys didn't seem that excited to see me, but they did all want to sit by me all evening. It was nice.

It was also good to get back to the play I am doing. A friend subbed for me while I was gone (thanks, Nat!). I missed being away, and am enjoying being back. The nice thing about this play is that I am finished at the end of Act I and get to go home! Woohoo! I am home by 9:15 usually, while everyone else has to be there until 10:30.

So, back to the daily "grind." I don't know if or when I might hear anything back from the audition, but I did it. I also got some new ideas for repertoire, so I plan to start working on that. Also, I want to do a recital in May, so I need to work on that, too.

Feels good to be home!


CrunchyCon said...

Good for you for doing the audition! And that's awesome you caught up with your old friends. And I can't imagine how much you drank if that's the most you did in several years - I was with you in NOLA!

Kelley said...

AH, that is true. I had forgotten about that day in NO. Guess it ties with this one! So those two days are the most I have had to drink at one time in several years! LOL