Tuesday, January 20, 2009

But it was his job!

I happened to be in NYC on the subway with my brother when the US Airways plane went into the Hudson. What a freaky accident! And while I agree that while it might have seemed an amazing thing the pilot did, it was no "miracle on the Hudson." It was his job. He was excellent at his job that day. He deserves large kudos and congratulations, slaps on the back, all that, but I don't feel it was an incredible miracle sent from God. If you want to look at it that way, then who sent the poor geese? 

My husband is a pilot, and a good one, and I know that they are trained diligently and extensively for just this sort of situation. Pilots are trained to be level-headed and clear-thinking in just such an emergency. The US Airways pilot definitely deserves credit for remaining just that way, and being able to do his job.

Don't you wish the people running the drive-through window at McDonald's were so dedicated to their jobs?! Sorry, poor customer service and rude people running those windows are my pet peeve.

Kudos, Captain.


CrunchyCon said...

I agree. By no means was it a miracle. He did his job and he did it well. I also heard that he stayed on the plane until everyone was off. I think that shows that he is a man full of integrity. And I agree, I wish everyone did that well at their job!

SandyL said...

I thought of you that day and was hoping you weren't on one of those planes

Kelley said...

Thanks, Sandy! I was glad I wasn't leaving that day!