Saturday, January 31, 2009

Getting Together

Tonight, we are having friends over for pizza and Mah Jongg. I will be late to the festivities, as I am doing a play right now. However, my part is over pretty early on, so I will be home by 9:15. So we decided to go ahead and have them over, especially because I won't have another free evening (besides Mondays) for the next few months.

I don't get together with my friends often enough, and I wish I did! I have a million reasons: my house isn't clean, my house isn't big enough, our 'stuff' isn't fancy enough, the food isn't fancy enough, blah blah blah. I should just bless and release all of that nonsense, and make more good memories with my friends!

So, if we are friends, consider yourself invited over! If you have kids, bring 'em along, and our kids can play while we chat or play a board game, or eat pizza, or whatever. If you don't have kids, just remember that I do, and prepare yourself for lots of rowdy fun, or come over later, after they are in bed.

Let's get together!


CrunchyCon said...

Okay, we are coming over! LOL!

I'm not so fussy about my lack of fancy stuff and fancy food. If you're my friend, then you know better. It's the house that my kids are slowly tearing apart. There is literally, not a room in the house that the kids have not left a toy in AND have not broken something that stays on the forever "Fix it when I get to it" list. But hey, since we are in the same boat, party at your house!

conley730 said...

My problem is the house that looks like a tornado has gone through it! Every time I clean it up, the kids are right behind me messing it up again.

Kelley said...

Believe me, I know! Truthfully for us, it is really all about the condition of the house. But I say, bring your kids, we'll stick em in the playroom or outside, weather permitting, and let's have a party!

.............. said...

And we had a great time!!!!!!! We love the Ponders, even their fickle cat Spike....errr....Puck.

See you soon at MDP.

Kelley said...

And we enjoyed having you! Even Spi...Puck. Ha ha!