Saturday, December 27, 2008

Good holiday memories

We had a great Christmas. Things began a little rocky when my husband began to feel ill on Christmas Eve, just when we were finishing up the last wrappings and getting the boys off to bed so Santa could visit. He was seriously ill, vomiting and diarrhea. My husband is pretty stoic usually, won't take an aspirin for a headache most times. He was having a rough time of it this time. I felt so bad for him. He ended up falling asleep in the recliner around 9:30 p.m. I just left him there when I went to bed around 1 a.m.

However, before he fell asleep, Gilbert had managed to hook up the big Santa gift, a Wii, to the TV in the playroom. It's a small TV, but it is perfect for the boys to play games on and not take up my living room all the time! Anyway, Gilbert got the Wii ready for action, and then wrapped each of the three remotes separately (in wrapping paper not used for any other presents) and stuck them under the tree without tags. Then he fell asleep and I finished up wrapping his presents, did the stockings, and went to bed.

Gilbert came to our bed around 5 a.m., followed by Jacob at 5:30, who wanted to know if he could get up. I told him to go back to bed and wait until at least 6:30. What do you know, he did! I could hear him and his brothers talking, but they stayed in their beds until 6:30. Then did they hit the ground running!

So, let the festivities begin! The boys began passing out presents, opening then, and having a good old time. They finally happened upon the three wrapped Wii remotes, and couldn't figure out whose presents they were because "they aren't tagged!" I suggested that since there were three identical presents, maybe - just maybe - they were intended for them! Aha! That made some sense, so they proceeded to unwrap them. Jacob got his open before his brothers and was excited at first, then confused. "A Wii remote? Why would Santa get us Wii remotes? We don't have a Wii!" I was biting my tongue to keep from laughing. They kept going on and on about how it would be a great gift, if they had a Wii. Finally, I think it sank in that this couldn't be all there was to it. Then they started looking around. One of them opened the door to the playroom, followed by his brothers close on his heels, and there it was, in all its glory. They yelled, hollered, jumped for joy, danced a jig and even hugged each other! Such wild excitement! And , of course, they set to playing immediately...and pretty much haven't stopped. It is fun to watch, and fun to play, too. Had to test it out, doncha know?!

I got a new digital camera, which I wanted but didn't expect. Gilbert didn't get my gifts wrapped because he was sick (and because he waits until the last minute - see previous entry!). He felt badly about it, but id didn't bother me. It is just nice to get the presents! Haha!

We had a great, relaxing day, playing on the Wii and just bumming around. Later that evening we went to my in-laws' for Christmas dinner, where we had good fellowship and conversation, the boys racked up on Barnes and Noble gift cards and movie passes, and where we ate some wonderful food. It is always good to be with family.

Gilbert started feeling poorly again after we got home. Part of it was exhaustion, I think. We were all tired. The boys went straight to bed when we got home, and we followed soon after. I think everyone was sleeping by 10:00! A great ending to a great day, even though Gilbert was still puny. 

Some pictures of our day:

Jacob, Matthew, Andrew

handmade glass snowflake, created by Matthew

My guys, Christmas morning

Realizing Santa brought them a Wii!!!


SandyL said...

I love it when the kids are so excited over something..makes it so much fun!

Kelley said...

Me, too. They are cackling over a game right now!

Liz said...

I LOVE the look on your little guy's face (sorry...can't tell which one of the twins that is!). Awesome picture!

Kelley said...

That is Jacob. Andrew is mostly hidden behind Matthew, and he has a huge grin on his face, just can't see it!