Friday, December 12, 2008


I happened to stumble upon this while doing some random blog surfing. Sorry, don't even know from whence it came...apologies to said blogger. I would acknowledge you, could I only find you again! I went to cut and paste these, and somehow lost you. Mea culpa, mea culpa.

That said, and given my previous post regarding Jacob's familiarity with email acronyms, I just had to post these! Gotta love it!

TBBGIIMC - This Better Be Good - I'm Ignoring My Children
ISSBFMFTC - I Smell Smoke But First Must Finish This Comment
BE - Banner Envy
PWCEBB - Proceed With Caution: Extremely Bitter Blogger
JHTMF - Just Here To Mooch Followers
SICS - Seizure-Inducing Color Scheme
ECIZ - Extreme Crafts Intimidation Zone
UMO - Unwarranted Music Onslaught
CPA - Comment Performance Anxiety
INTGTTBFFH - I've Needed To Go To The Bathroom For Four Hours

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