Thursday, December 11, 2008

And I was like, OMG!

We were sitting at dinner tonight, having a pretty decent time of it, when Jacob (7) began to tell what happened at school today. To give a little background, Jacob and his brothers have all been taking piano. They seem to love it, if the constant battle over the piano is any indicator, and have readily learned to play each other's songs. Andrew and Jacob especially enjoy playing the other's Christmas piece. At high speed, usually, and with one or more deliberate bastardizations...that, however, is another blog entry.

Apparently, at some point in time, Jacob mentioned to his teacher that he plays piano. She, in turn, mentioned that he should play for the class some day. No more thought was given to it by Jacob...until this morning. His teacher suggested he play for his class while they were in the gym today (the piano is in a room off of the gym). He thought she was kidding, until she reassured him she meant it. And, in his very own words: "I was like, O M G!! She didn't mean that, did she?!?!" 

Now, here is the thing. Jacob is 7. And doesn't do email. Well, except to his grandmother, who has no idea, I am pretty certain, what OMG means. So I have no idea how on earth he has even heard of OMG, much less knows what it means. (I asked. He does. Oh My Gosh. At least it was the less offensive version.) I so wanted to LOL, and pretty much just ROFL. I restrained myself, FWIW. But it was sooo hard. 



CrunchyCon said...

He actually said the letters O M G? That's hilarious!

Kelley said...

Yes, the actual letters! Too funny!