Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Better late than never!

Last night, the twins and I finally got around to making our traditional Christmas chain. You know, the one made of construction paper that lets you count down the days to Christmas by tearing off a loop each day? Yes, I know we were late getting it done, but I figured it still makes good memories, even if they only have 18 loops to tear off versus 25. We had a great time, and they were so excited, so I felt good about getting it done.

Matthew wasn't interested in helping with the chain, but he did ask if there was any homemade ornament I could think of that we could do together, just the two of us. Talk about being put on the spot! We don't have anything Christmas unpacked yet, so no ornaments were readily available to embellish. What to do, what to do?!?! I have some books on Christmas decorating - I know, ever the optimist! Anyway, I found a picture of a ribbon ornament, made to resemble ribbon candy, so that is what we did. If I can ever figure out how to add pictures to this blog, I will post one. But for a last-minute, throw-together project, it turned out really well. Navy blue, gold-edged wired ribbon - again, something I bought because it was lovely, and I had great aspirations of elaborate packages with gilded bows...yeah, right. Never used, and I bought it three or four years ago. Glad I did, now! More evidence of my misguided intentions - a multitude of beads intended for crafting and jewelry making - became the perfect embellishment to the ornament. (Yes, I have made jewelry and used the beads for other projects, but it has been a while!) 

At any rate, how ever it came about, I had a great time doing Christmas crafts with each of my children last night. Matthew, especially, seemed to really enjoy the one-on-one time, and later allowed that he really felt like he was getting into the Christmas spirit now.

I love my boys!


CrunchyCon said...

Awesome! You need to add pics!

I love the idea of traditions. I was going to do the chain thing with Raegan this year, but her preschool beat me to it!

Kelley said...

Well, you can do it at home, too! You can do three different colors, one for each child...are the boys to young to grasp the concept?