Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Italy, France and the Alps

We are doing some fundraising to help our son, Matthew, take an Education First Tour to Europe next summer! After telling him he could go, we had some difficulties and a pretty major crisis in our lives. However, he has been such a fabulous student and done such great work this year that we would still like for him to be able to take this trip. So, we are asking for sponsors! The trip breaks down into an approximate cost of $13 per hour. He will be touring Italy, France and the Alps, and it will be an incredible adventure for him. If you would like to sponsor Matthew, that would be an amazing and generous thing!

Just to brag a bit on Matthew, he earned high honors this year - NATION wide! On his Benchmark exam, he scored the highest math score in the NATION for his grade! Also, he beat the national average time for taking a timed translation test in Spanish by almost half! National average time was 17 minutes, he did it in 9 minutes! Hopefully, you can see why we are so proud and want him to experience this trip.

Thanks for reading this, if you did. Please pass it along to any of your friends who you think might like to help us out!

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